Von Vapor E-Juice 30ml & 100ml Range


Von Vapor’s own line of flavor’s were formulated based on what people specifically want. No bull-shit, not too cute,  straight to the point flavor’s perfectly done!

Bubble Gum

A simple erotic fantasy which emulates a perfect cross between Hubba Bubba and lolly machine bubblegum. Definitely fainting in the isles worthy. Shmergen!


A flavour designed to isolate the perfect peach flavor with a sweetness kick up the arse!


 I could give you the typical cliché description of “the most lush of strawberries” etc only to then turf the flavor quicker than a fart in the wind, but I rather be brutally honest and just say ‘look it is good, take my word for it. A slap in the face of strawberries, combined with a ball in the groin of sweetness.


So hard to find a good vanilla, yeah all e-juice’s sound amazing in description, but this vanilla is definitely the g-spot when it comes to the right concoction of real vanilla and sweetness. Wouldn’t have released it otherwise…


Tastes better than an a actual Raspberry, cannot eat the things for my life, but can drink this by the gallon if put in a compromising situation, unless it involves a plunger and gaffer tape then I am completely screwed…


Not as sweet as the other flavor’s, but a good thing, it is designed to replicate a traditional Blueberry, but a tad lower on the sweetness levels which falls into the category of awesome all day vape.


Raw & Nasty, not meant to taste pretty, if you want a tobacco tasting flavor then you truly have gotten one. The Von Vapor Tobacco is emulated of a Latakia like tobacco taste, certainly reminds you of an ashtray!

Deluxe Menthol

So are you the type not wanting much flavor & sweetness? then this flavor was designed to cater for those who do not possess a sweet tooth, or do not want any sweetness in general but with a cooling agent added undertone.


30ml & 100ml

Weight0.15 kg

100ml, 30ml

Von Vapor Range

Blueberry, Bubblegum, Deluxe Menthol, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tobacco, Vanilla, Watermelon


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