Thirsty Juice Co. E-Juice Range 100ml


The original e-juice series inspired by summer! 5 super fun fruity flavours that are effortlessly refreshing with its simple yet intriguing taste profile. A perfect fruity all day vape that comes in a great value with 100ml of e-juice per bottle!

Grape Soda

Quenching thirst since the 19th century, the grape soda is a classic that you know you can never go wrong with. Thirsty Juice brings you an exhilarating grape flavour that tastes like it’s straight off the vine.

Lime Tahiti

Like your e-juice with a kick? You’ll love Lime Tahiti. Made with a unique blend of tangy lime and just a hint of citrus, Thirsty Juice presents an exciting twist to your classic limeade.

Strawberry Lemonade

Thirsty Juice presents this edgy flavour that combines the sweetness of strawberry with a refreshing dash of lemonade to make for an easy-going vape that will quell all your fruitful desires.

Sweet Mango

Take your taste buds on a tasty tropical vacation with Sweet Mango. It’s the sunny, delicious taste of mango captured perfectly in a refreshing e-juice, courtesy of Thirsty Juice.

Yoghurt Drink

Inspired by the classic cultured milk beverage, Yoghurt Drink by Thirsty Juice has the refreshing flavour and zing of yoghurt without the calories. A lightweight creamy flavour that guarantees a smooth vape with every puff.


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Thirsty Range

Grape Soda, Grape Soda Iced, Lime Tahiti, Lime Tahiti Iced, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade Iced, Sweet Mango, Sweet Mango Iced, Yoghurt, Yoghurt Iced


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