Sadboy Range 100ml


Behold this legandary American Range. Sadboy  is a legendary line covering many of your favorite desert flavours. One not to avoid, I am sure you will agree!

Blueberry Jam

Jam out with Blueberry. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Blueberry Jam Cookie combines sweet blueberry jam flavours with fresh from the oven butter sugar cookies producing a dessert flavour like no other.

Butter Cookie

Life is just better with butter, lots of butter. Fresh from the oven crumbly butter cookie featuring a sweet golden brown butter flavour base. This rich tasting baked pastry is rounded off with a light lemon zest to balance the satisfying brown butter taste for a satisfying taste every time.

Custard Cookie

Turn that frown upside down with our delicious take on a creamy custard baked pastry. Taste the sweet and satisfying flavours of fresh baked butter cookies topped with layers of rich and creamy custard. Enjoy thick and creamy custard clouds jam packed with baked flavours to satisfy sweet tooth cravings.

Key Lime Cookie

The key to flavour is limes! The mouth-watering and tangy citrus key lime fruit flavour is paired with the creamy notes of a buttery golden cookie crumble crust. The balanced combination of golden sweet crumble and bite of key lime sourness will have you always wanting to have dessert first.

Lychee Cookie

The heavenly cookie base you love from Sadboy and sets it impeccably with outlandish lychee for one astonishing mix!

Pumpkin Cookie

A seasonal favourite, fresh-out-the-oven, pumpkin pie with a touch of cinnamon spice.

Shamrock Cookie

Down on your luck? Shamrock Cookie will fix that. Like Sadboy’s Butter Cookie dipped into a refreshingly cool and creamy mint milkshake. With notes of a warm baked butter cookie right out of the oven which gets washed down with a cooling and frosty mint milkshake.

Strawberry Jam

Get in a jam with Strawberry Jam. Strawberry is a warm and freshly baked buttery sugar cookie flavour topped with a homemade jam spread created from freshly picked sweet summer strawberries.

Unicorn Tears

No unicorns were harmed in the creation of this one-of-a-kind flavour. A uniquely crafted blend of sweet and savoury flavours with a delectable butter cookie base topped off with a hint of citrus. Your taste buds will experience pure bliss from each inhale to delicious exhale. Add a little excitement to your vaping routine with Unicorn Tears.



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Sad Boy Range

Blueberry Jam, Butter Cookie, Custard Cookie, Key Lime Cookie, Lychee Cookie, Pumpkin Cookie, Shamrock Cookie, Strawberry Jam, Unicorn Tears


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