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Project Ice 60ml Fruity Series E-Liquid


If you’re looking for super cold fruity vape juices Project Ice is one brand to keep your eye on. With a high level of koolada, Project Ice e-liquids have the ability to give unsuspecting vapers a brain freeze. If your game grab a bottle today, also perfect to use as an additive.

Apple Champagne

A rich flavor of crispy, sweet and tart green apples with a fizzy touch to it. It’s icyness completes the perfect blend.


A blend of juicy blackcurrants resulting in pure rybena flavors with a cold icy exhale. With a good dose of menthol, you’ll be blowing up sweetish cold clouds of pure blackcurrant bliss!


Keep bringing the fun fruity flavors with high menthol for your vaping pods every month. The latest flavor of blueberry ice to stock our shelves is selling fast. Get the pure and sweet taste of blueberry that’s bright, clean with a sweet aftertaste. Perfect for summer!

Grape Ice

combines a handful of sweet bouncy grapes with their signature throat freezing

Hami Melon

Tastes of tantalizing cantaloupe melons (aka hami melons) that bursts with ripe melon sweetness. Finished with an icy sweetness. A very popular flavor for people that love melons.

Lemon Cocktail

This perfectly blended mix of lemon, sugar and mint will put a smile on your face every time. It’s a little bit sour and a lotta bit sweet and refreshing. Pucker up!

Lemon Orange

A sweet sour citrus burst to pucker your lips as you exhale fresh aromas of your favorite citrus fruits. The lemon and orange combination gives plenty of citrus burst aromas to enjoy. Refreshing.

Lychee Ice

This Lychee Ice is one of its kind. The famous Malaysian Lychee is now available in a e-juice form! Connecting its sweetness with a cooling menthol effect, will allow you to unwind and relax making you feel like

Mango Lime

For Mango lovers, who want to experience a new flavor – this one comes with a zingy lime twist. It resembles a perfectly cut yellow mango and a fresh lime squeezed over it. In addition, the menthol takes it a notch further and allows you to experience icyness with it.


Tastes of combination of watermelons, cantaloupe and mint brewed together with cooling exhale. One of the most sought after, classic flavors by Project Ice. Finished with refreshing throat hit.


A pure, sweet and sour orange citrus juice that will pucker your lips. Simple and classic fresh orange juice full of that signature citrus burst with high koolada kick on the exhale.


Cool iced fruit vapes are hit with adult vapers and iced tropical pineapple has proven to be one of the most popular flavors of all. Pineapple is a distinct and refreshing flavor. The sweetness of pineapple never overwhelms due to the icy cold throat hit on inhale and frigid blast on exhale.


A sour citrus blend augmented with extra menthol to give an icy cold sensation with every vape. A super cooling e-juice that’s perfect on a warm day.


Takes a handful of sweet strawberry candy and melts it lovingly into this bottle. The blast of cooling ice makes this feel chilled and sweet and perfect for hot days.

Sweet Mango

The version of mixed mangoes resulting in pure mango heaven. Don’t be fooled by the simple name, it contains more than one type of mango and with a good dose of menthol, you’ll be blowing up sweetish cold clouds of pure bliss!


Is a sweet mint watermelon flavored e-juice that gives a cool refreshing mouth feel on every vape.


*** Please be aware these flavours are extremely cold ***

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Project Ice Fruity Options

Apple Champagne, Blackcurrant Ice, Blueberry Ice, Grape Ice, Hami Melon, Lemon Cocktail, Lemon Orange Ice, Lychee Ice, Mango Lime Ice, Melondew, Orange Ice, Pineapple Ice, Soursop, Strawberry Ice, Sweet Mango Ice, Watermelon Ice


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