Ossem Fruity E-Juice 60ml Range


Direct from Malaysia, the Fruity Series incorporates many of our favorite fruit flavors while incorporating there own flair. Nice and sweet, with a cold kick, the fruit range is beautifully done and will be perfect for you!

American Melon

Need something to curb your thirst on a scorching day? Savour this Ossem American Melon juicy, sweet watermelon taste. So cool and refreshing – nothing can beat the level of juiciness. It’s Ossemly good!

Brazilian Lime

Hey, there are just days where we wanna extra ‘kick’. You can have our Ossem Brazilian Lime – a tangy lime flavour. Talk about some punch right on your face! Get ready to be Ossem!

Japanese Peach

Looking for something light and fragrant? Ossem Japanese Peach e-liquid blends in the sweet taste of peach into our juice to fulfill your craving. Enjoy this heavenly taste.

Malaysian Mango

Sweet, delectable taste of  Malaysian Mango, essentially the right e-liquid flavour to add some energize to your life. Be cautious coz it’s Ossem-ly great!


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Ossem Fruity Series 60ml

American Melon, Brazilian Lime, Japanese Peach, Malaysian Mango


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