Loose Premium 100ml E-liquid 100ml Range


Loose – Australian slang term, adjective

(1) To describe a person who may be either of: uncouth, unreliable or unpredictable (or all three). Can be used in the serious or playful sense.
“That Pauline, she’s a bit of ‘loose unit’, if you know what I mean”
100% Australian made covering your favorite energy drinks!

Mad Dog 150

Its not in a glass bottle… but its sweet and packs a real energy punch! Taking you right back to that paradise beach party!


Mamma is a seriously explosive double Twisted Apple Energy juice!


An absolutely outrageously evil and tasty energy drink!!

Red Beast

The Red Beast will pump you so full of crazy Energy that you will literally take flight!!

Rock n Rolla

Rock n Rolla is a Tropical Fruit and Guava Energy juice mashup that will keep you Rocking and Rolling all night long!


Weight0.165 kg
Loose Premium Flavor Options

Mad Dog 150, Mamma, Monstrosity, Red Beast, Rock n Rolla


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