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King Kong 100ml Vape E-Juice


King Kong Vape Juice was created in 2018 to take over the world. They set out to produce something different and produced the best, cleanest, and tastiest e-liquid brand for all around the world.​ There flavor’s are a result of months of sourcing and tasting the finest ingredients from across the world.​ To produce something unique to help people stop smoking. There flavor’s are here not just to be enjoyed but to be a lifestyle for ex-smokers.​The king of the jungle has been busy creating the king of flavor’s.​ Sourcing the finest ingredients from all around the world is there priority.​

Apple Pie
Titano is a premium e-liquid by the dessert-flavor experts – King Kong Vape Juice. This Apple Pie e-juice takes on a popular classic and does it justice by demonstrating an impeccable formulation using only the finest ingredients out there. You’ll enjoy the crisp and juicy apples, powdered with fragrant cinnamon, and baked to perfection, topped with a thin layer of buttery pastry crust.
On inhale you will taste the fresh sweetness of the baked fruits along with a subtle hint of cinnamon spiciness, followed by an exhale of the delicate but rich, flaky pie crust.
The flavor’s work delightfully well together to allow you to truly immerse yourself in a beautiful Apple Pie experience.
Blueberry Pancake
Gorilla by King Kong Vape Juice is a brilliant gift to all you pancake lovers. This premium e-juice delivers a warm and sunny feeling like that of a lazy Sunday-morning feast. Juicy, handpicked blueberries and delicate, tangy raspberries perfectly balance the sweetness of fluffy, homemade pancakes.
On inhale you will taste the warmness of fresh-baked blueberries, bubbling with syrupy goodness, followed by an exhale of a deliciously sweet and silky and pancake batter.
The ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure a truly superior blueberry pancake experience.
Campfire Smores
Rampage by King Kong Vape Juice is a premium e-liquid that is here to bring the deliciously sweet and toasty flavor of fluffy marshmallows and crumbly, buttery biscuits into your life. Only the finest ingredients from across the world are used to deliver this instant classic from the King King Vape Juice dessert range. On inhale, you will taste delectably sweet marshmallow and a fresh, flaky biscuit followed by a hint of rich and creamy chocolate on the exhale.
Cola Float 
King Kong Vape Juice has perfectly captured the refreshing treat that is Cola Float in its premium e-liquid Bamboo. Classic cola taste and luscious ice cream made from deluxe vanilla beans work together to create an unforgettable dessert experience. The hint of fresh mint perfectly complements the beloved pair and adds a delicious coolness to this mouth-watering juice.
Praised as the “best summer vape”, Bamboo delivers impressive flavor and is a favorite of many.
On the inhale you will taste the perfect, traditional cola taste and the sweet warmness of the vanilla, followed by a subtle but refreshing mint undertone. The classic trio of flavor’s makes for a truly delightful vape juice.
Key lime Pie
Kikonga is an award-winning e-liquid by the masters of the dessert vape — King Kong Vape Juice.
This Key lime Pie flavor is a fan favorite and once you try it, it’s not hard to see why the refreshing treat has a cult following.
On inhale you will taste the divine pairing of rich, thick cream and fresh, tangy lime followed by an exhale of crumbly, buttery biscuits.
This delicious combination is carefully created by the King Kong Vape Juice team to bring you the ultimate Key lime Pie vape liquid, made with only the finest ingredients from around the world.
vg70 pg30

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Apple Pie, Blueberry Pancake, Campfire Smores, Cola Float, Key Lime Pie


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