KangerTech USB Charger for 510 Battery


Charger for the Kanger EVOD Manual Battery (3.7v,1000mAh)

This charger is customized for Kanger EVOD batteries, but it can also work with other eGo batterries.
It takes 3-4 hours to charge an EVOD battery completely.

In stock

Batteries can be charged by it are: Kanger EVOD Manual Battery (3.7v,650mAh), Kumiho eGo-C 650mAh Manual Battery, Embossed eGo Q 1100mAh Battery, Vision eGo Spinner 400mAh Variable Volt Battery,Joyetech Upgrade eGo-C 650mah battery.  Topevod starter Kit

Color: Black
Shipping weight:32g
Input voltage: DC 5v
Output voltage: DC 4.2v
Output current:400mA

Weight0.023 kg


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