Harum Manis 60ml Doublemint Range


Sensational e-juice from Malaysia. Harum Manis have now perfected there double mint e-juice line. Terrific flavours, sweetness maintained, and all combined in a chewing gum mint taste.

Now just sensational! green apple in a double mint gum flavour is just incredibly well done. Fantastic choice!
Well seriously, who doesn’t like grape chewing gum? and yes it is just as good as the others possible better!
Well there you go, sweet mango as a chewing gum is quite unbelievable!
Double mint Chewing Gum Peach. Peach chewing gum at its finest!
Pineapple mixed with menthol, tropical flavour yet also a chewing gum.
Stop everything, this is classic, who didn’t love Ribena as a kid? Ribena & chewing gum is two of my all time loves and now mixed all in one!
Chewing Gum and Strawberry combined is generally always a winning combination.
Watermelon is always a smart choice as a vape flavour. Mixed in with chewing gum equates to something quite awesome.

Weight0.105 kg
Harum Manis Doublemint Chewing Gum 60ml Flavours

Apple, Grape, Mango, Melon, Peach, Pineapple, Ribena, Strawberry


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