Dinner Lady Sweets 60ml Ice & Non Ice Range


Dinner Lady Sweets in 5 new Sweet Flavours Which will you want to try first. Also come in Ice! Try now from this huge international seller. How can so many people be wrong?

Apple Sours

How do you like them icy apples? Cold, sweet apple balanced with a punchy sour finish!

Bubble Trouble

The nostalgic flavour of bubble-gum, now with icy coolness is sure to chill you out.

Lemon Sherbets

Enter a citrus explosion of sour and tangy goodness with an icy finish.

Sweet Fusion

What do you get when you combine ice with a chewy fruit sensation?

Watermelon Slices

Refreshing ice cold watermelon with a sweet and fizzy twist



Weight0.105 kg
Dinner Lady Sweets Flavour Range

Apple Sours, Bubble Trouble, Lemon Sherberts, Sweet Fusion, Watermelon Slices, Apple Sours Iced, Bubble Trouble Iced, Lemon Sherberts Iced, Sweet Fusion Iced, Watermelon Slices Iced


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