357 E-Juice Range 100ml from Australia


Introducing the new Australian 357 line with its superb 5 flavours. Incredible tasting and on point flavour makes this range highly sort after!

Apple Raspberry Cream

Cream and fruit is always a colourful and nostalgic combination. This juice contains a bold combination of fresh green apple and sweet raspberry, topped upon a layer of fresh, authentic cream.

Ice Blue Raspberry

This is a blue raspberry slushy, but BETTER. Revisit your childhood or a summer beach treat with subtle undertones of black currants and berry blends, blended delicately into the classic cornerstore refreshing blue slushies.


With careful and clean blend of different grapes, and subtle undertones and textures of candy and soda, 357’s classic grape juice will satisfy any hungry wanderers of the vineyard.

Mixed Berry & Cream

Sliced strawberries, bold blackberries, and ripe raspberries, mixed together on top of fresh, homemade cream. You can’t beat a mixed berry dessert.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

357’s very own bubblegum flavour. Relax those jaw muscles with sweet, yet fresh watermelon, combined with the lolly-style strawberries and that bubblegum undertone and texture!



Weight0.165 kg
357 Flavours

Apple Raspberry Cream, Grape, Ice Blue Raspberry, Mixed Berry & Cream, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum


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